A world leader in PEEK fibres

Close Up Process Belts

Process Belting

Wide or narrow woven belts and joins, Zyex brings:

Extended belt lifetimes, low creep, abrasion and
hydrolysis resistance

Extreme operating conditions (thermal, chemical
and mechanical)

Intrinsic cleanliness for food use (FDA)

Excellent surface release (non stick)

Hot Conveyor Belt
Process Belts
Filtration Mesh


Filtration mesh fabrics and sewing threads

Wider range of mesh openings than
any other high tech material

Chemical resistance

Dimensional stability and toughness

Purity for medical and pharmaceutical end-uses

Zyex sewing threads to join filter elements

Easy overmoulding

Anti-fouling surface

Filtration Mesh
Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness

Chafe resistant monofilaments

Multiple colours for identifications

Light weight replacing metal or fluoropolymers

Inherently flame retardant

Low smoke toxicity

Wide operating temperature range (high and low)

Aircraft Jet Engine
Wiring Harness
Racquet Strings


Musical instrument and racquet strings

Good tensile properties, stretch and recovery

Excellent tension holding (low creep)

Environmental stability (moisture and temperature)

Unique tonal quality and dynamic response.

Racquet Strings
Guitar Strings
Racquet Strings


PEEK matrix material or toughening agent in thermosets and elastomers

PEEK is well established as matrix material in thermoplastic composites

Zyex brings improved, even fibre distribution and drapability

Intimate mixing via staple blends and comingling with glass or carbon

Textile route advantage over pre-preg laminates for complex 3D shapes

Fracture toughness improvement for thermosets

High aspect ratio: alternative to milled/ground powder



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